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Buying agent house or a buying house plays a role as a medium between buyer and apparel manufacturers. Basically it is an agency or a buying office where an independent commission agent takes all kinds of necessary approval from the garments buyer. Buying House helps bring more garments business order, but they can’t decide on any significant issues. Buying house communicates with different buyers and takes orders. In the field of BH, we can see two types of buying houses. One is a buying agency or liaison office, and another is a trading office, both work in different patterns. This business dominates in Bangladesh, let us find the scenario.


Buying House business started in Bangladesh at the end of 1971, But it did not gain much popularity. Between the years 1980 to 1990, the Buying House business started to gain popularity. It is one of the most prominent business fields in Bangladesh Ready Made Garments Industry. Most of Bangladesh’s foreign exchange comes from the garment industry. Buying House has ruled Bangladesh for three centuries because they earn the largest currency. There is more than 6000 Buying house in our country, and 1000 got listed in BGMEA. The number of Buying House has been increasing for the last two decades.

Garments Buying agent is playing a significant role in the fashion industry. We all time understand that the Buying House is only to take orders from outside the country. Is that? No, not like that. Buying Houses are found the foreign customer to take orders from the outside country. Then The people of Buying House give the law in the best garment factories in our country. So that the clothes are well made and then can be delivered at the right time to foreign clients. Not only the need to fill up the foreigner or external buyer’s demand but also fill up the orders of the inside country buyers.




Knittexpro sourcing limited is the renowned buying house and currently leading most of the garment industry in our country. They always try to keep the quality of their clothing well. They have to contacts buyers from outside the country and need licenses for every type of related work. KNITTEXPO SOURCING LTD takes orders for all kinds of clothing. For example, they take orders of all the garments items such as jeans for men and women, sweaters, cardigan, shirts, polo t-shirts, children’s clothing. They also keep a cordial attitude with the right garments to local fashion houses and make proper quality clothing for them to be reliable. Also, take all sorts of requests from the local fashion houses. Their banking facilities are excellent. They are giving training to their new employees about merchandising and other buying house-related things. Knittex Pro Ltd  is located in

  • House # 1(1st Floor,Road-14/C,Sector # 4,Dhaka,Bangladesh)
  • Phone: 01779-551100
  • Website: Knittexpobd



Trust Maker International is the 2nd largest leading garments manufacturer and buying house company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, since 2005. This company is a garment along with apparel buying house agency, they have always involved in the production. For production, they still have to keep an eye on the current fashion. Production quality is excellent and elegant, and the fabric quality is outstanding. They have a variety of merchandisers, including designers and professional fashion designers, to Interact with customers. There are lots of skilled people who are negotiable the price when they are dealing with products. The expertise is also taken care of the product is being delivered at the right time. Trust Maker International exporting knit, woven & sweater items worldwide. They strive for the highest quality needs of the buyers and make a summary of all the work that goes into it.

  • Address: House No :52, Road No:01,Sector No:06 Model Town 1230 Dhaka,Bangladesh
  • Phone: 01717-009728
  • Website:Trust Maker BD




AVS Fashion is one of the most leading export organized class buying houses and manufacturing companies. Fourteen years old renowned buying house still taking orders of all kinds of clothing. For a long period of years. The Buying House company has been working with honestly the buyers from outside the country. They have a friendly relationship with over 60 garments. AVS Fashion has experienced people who keep in touch with the buyers also the traders themselves. As they are leading buying house company, they take orders for shirts, T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Jeans, Sweater, Hoodies for men and women, Long sleeve for men and women, Children wear. Also taking orders for stitched products.

  • Address: Bangladesh, Dhaka region, Narayanganj, Molla Supper Market(2nd Floor)Goad nail,2 No.Dhakershary, Siddhirgonj.
  • Phone: 01711-340370
  • Website: AVS Fashion



FamGlam(FGL) is the most active clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. This company is a concern for Rigel Group Ltd. They aim at stable growth and are well-known for buyers based all over the country. FGL doesn’t have its own manufacturing factories, but they work as an agent company(buying house)This buying agent’s business comes from their dedication towards their compliance factories and buyers’ feedbackThey are aiming at giving great effort in bringing out the progress of the garments industryFamGlam has a great approach to grab their client’s interests very convincingly.

Although most of the buying agents look for huge quantity order, but FGL never compromise to deliver high quality instead of quantity. They give priority to both qualities and quantity with great working conditions and technologyThe process of foreign market trends is thus easy for themThey produce clothes as per client requirements, season, and current demandsAs experienced clothing manufacturing, they focus on delivering quality over quantity. They make sure that all their orders meet the highest standards and delivered on time.

This dedication has helped them maintain a great reputation of providing quality products within due time.No matter how big or small the projectFamGlam has always kept promises and good relation with their buyers around the world. They are exporting design and development, merchandising, knit manufacturing, quality inspection, logistics, and export. Their collections jeans, t-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, jackets and hoodies, hats, trousers, and pants.

  • Address: House# 1047, Road# 45, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
  • Phone: +88 02 58070308, +880 1681 111 888
  • Email:,
  • Website: FamGlam Ltd


As time goes on, the epoch of fashion is changing. They have been reigning at the business for the buying house industry for over 12 years. The style has become so much more than that what you wear fashion nowadays actually. Whatever you are thinking about the dress and you imagine the dress and after that, execute this or making this kind of clothing. This buying House process order for knitted garments, woven wear & pullover solid item, embroidery item with decorated stone, sequences, beads, and any ornamented accessories.

They have expert merchandisers and expert people for marketing dealing with clients. HBM Tex always tries to supply quality products at a low price. They are all-time looking at the new fashion, trends, fabric, and style that clients are more dependent on them. After taking an order, they delivered their product within 3 to 4 weeks. They are receiving orders all style such as T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Sweat Shirt, Rugby-Shirt, Joggers and these fabrics are 100% Cotton, T/C, CVC,100% Polyester, Cotton/Spandex, Polyamide/Spandex, etc. in any composition, wash, and GSM. Flat knit items such as Cotton/Acrylic/Wool, in gauge from 1.5 to 16.Outer Wear items like jackets, Shirts, Trousers, Denim, etc.

  • Address: House No 37(2nd and 3rd Floor) Road No# 19,nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh
  • Website: HBM Tex
  • Phone: +88-02-8900523/+88-02-7912814



BRANDTEX is a reputable professional organization on which buyers from inside our country and outside of other country depended. They are the all-time belief in quality, not quantity. When they are getting any offer or order first, they are discussing it with their professional merchandiser and then decide if they take the order or not. After confirming the order, they are in contact with the best apparel in our country where they want to make buyer’s products. They always have in mind the buyer’s need. What kind of clothes do they want? Actually, from them. They always try to dress them in the fabric buyers like.

BRANDTEX is very aware of delivery at the right time. They accept their customer’s comments and suggestions. Their specialized product knitwear, sweater, and woven items. They are taking all kinds of dresses like as in Men’s wear’s Tshirt, Polo Shirts, Men’s Formal Shirts, Casual and Formal pant, Sports Wear, Sleep Wear, Underwear & Socks, Men’s Jeans, Shorts & Trousers, Jackets & Coats, Work Wear.In Girls wear Tshirt,Shirt & Blouse,Pants & Leggings,Tops & Singlets,Jumpers & cardigan,Jacket & Coats,Women’s Jeans,Shorts,Pajamas & Sleepwear,Bras, Panties & Lingerie. Kids Wear such as Boys T-shirt, Boys Pants, Boys Jeans, Boys Shorts, Boys Sweater, Boys Jacket & Coats, Girl’s dress & Skirts, Girls Tops & T-shirts, Girls Jeans Girls pants & leggings, Girls Shorts, Girls Shorts, Girls Jacket & Coats. Also taking other products like School Uniform boys and girls, Office Uniform, Defense uniform, Hospital Uniform, Cooking Uniform, Guard Uniform, Sports Uniform.

  • Head Office Address House NO 14(Level-05), Road NO 12 Sector NO 09,Uttara,Dhaka-1230,Bangladesh
  • Phone NO: +88 018 31455371, +88 018 22834977
  • Fax NO: +880 2 9802087
  • Website: BRANDTEX Ltd


TEXLAND is a buying agent company in Bangladesh. They are successfully moving forward with their hard work. TEXLAND usually works with buyers from outside the country. They are exporting all types of woven garments for men such as men’s t-shirt, men polo t-shirt, men’s shirts, men’s pants, jeans. Women wear such as women t-shirt.shirt lagging for girls, girls have woven trousers — kidswear such as t-shirt, polo t-shirt.

  • Address: Chasara,Narayanganj-1400 Bangladesh
  • Phone: +8801714-829787 (Whats app+ viver +imo)


Casual Wear was previously a small family business. Gradually their company is expanding. Most of their buyers are from Europe, Canada, and the USA. They are taking orders for all types of products. Their service facility is perfect, and are all the time concern about it. They used to order only cotton cloth at first, gradually they take all kind of fabric dress. Whenever they have a new product, they will inform the customer at their own risk. In terms of prices, they are always negotiating about it.

  • House NO 10, Flat NO GF-A, Road NO 03 Cosmopolitan, East Nasirabad, Chittagong-4203, Bangladesh.
  • Mail us :
  • Phone:+880312584656
  • Fax : +880312584820


G-Tex Fashion Wear is a renowned buying house where buyers have customized sourcing, quality control panels, efficient merchandising. Their success lies in their unwavering will power and their efforts. They get split up into smaller teams for their work, and this benefits their work. They are working all over the USA, EEC, and Far East clients. Their company takes orders for all kinds of apparel items. They have an apparent mission and vision. They are very aware of their delivery issues, and they do their job very responsibly till shipments.

  • Address: Road-1, House-16(6th Floor), Mollika Housing Mirpur -7, Dhaka-1216
  • Phone: 01675413077
  • Email: emon.gtex


Zimtex international Ltd is a well-known buying house that works for garments importer in Europe, USA, and Canada. They are usually taking orders for trousers, skirts, shorts, and a sweater. Their customers are fully satisfied with their young merchandiser and mainly dependent on their work. They have over 12 years of experience in this industry, but they are continually learning. Working with new challenges has become a passion for them, and they love to take on new challenges. They always monitor the quality of the products and the latest trends in fashion. Zimtex takes note of when and where to order the customers according to the deadline. They all the time, give priority to their clients.

  • Address: House-14, Road-1, O.R. Nizam Road, Road-4, Block # A Nizam Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Tel: 031-2551173-4, 01713120871
  • Email ID:



Turin Apparels  is one of the first-row buying houses, trading, and exporter in our country. They all time strive to make their products export quality. Their maximum outsider clients are US, E U, Russian, and Japanese. They are the all-time belief in long term trade relationships with most of their inside and outside customers. They are taking orders all kinds of garments products for the men’s, ladies, and kid’s in woven, Knit, and sweaters. Their strengths are they have a license to work with foreign buyers. They can always deliver their work at the right time. They have a training arrangement here to enhance the skill of officers and make them more experienced.

  • Address: Road-10, House-11/A (1st Floor), Sector-01 Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
  • Tel: 7912211, 01713017185
  • Email:
  • Website: Turin Apparels


Top Eastern used to work more on contemporary fashion. But now they are very aware of the latest fashion needs. In 2008 they dealt with many of the world’s valued customers. They are taking orders of sweater, knitwear and woven. Their primary focus of their client’s demands and desires. They are involved with the creation of an innovative style of new design and new ideas to change fashion. They are directly receiving the right customers for their tiredness work and effort.

  • Address: House # 16, Road # 13 Sector # 3, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh
  • Website: Top Eastern Ltd


Amann Bangladesh Ltd, its real name is AMANN Group. AMANN group situated in Bonnigheim, Germany. Their journey started in 1854. In 1879 that their company celebrated its 25th anniversary, now it’s a legend buying house and manufacturer company. Their branches spread across different countries of the world. In 2013 one of its subsidiaries is established in Bangladesh. They are not just limited to sewing or cotton fabrics or embroidery but also look at leather goods. Besides, their sewing is so soft and supple that no one else is. They have innovative energy, and for that, they have plenty of labs.

  • Address: Civil Sarwar Complex (2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor), Plot # 42/A, 17 Rd, Dhaka 123
  • Phone: 01777-752321
  • Email:
  • Website: Amann Group Ltd

14)ASMARA (BD) PVT. LTD. (REG: 984)

Asmara  is a well-established buying house based in Dhaka. Their products are all woven. So only they are taking orders of knitted items. Mainly they are receiving the order of jeans, jean jackets, denim for men’s and women. They are all the time to ensure their clients that their products are 100% full quality products. Asmara is very sincere to take orders to the end of the supply of products. They have all types of licensed about to contact with outsider clients.

  • Address: House # 376, Road # 6 Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Phone: 01713366613, 9862401


Abid Export Ltd is a new rising buying house company. They produce a very good quality product. Abid Exports Ltd is mainly working on woven products. They have a lot of experienced merchandisers and also a designer. These people are taking the decision very quickly and too much level professional. They are very aware of their client’s orders and there desire which type of products the client wants. This buying house is all the time, try to giving their best to their clients. They always do their work consciously from order to end of delivery. They are just taking order jeans, jeans, shirts, denim for men and women.

  • Address House NO 82, New Airport Road, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Tel: 8821975, 01552152091
  • Email:


Al Aseel Fashion is a company that always loves to take on challenges. One of the most famous buying houses they have received the BGMEA certified. Their brand does best to satisfy their customers. They have the licenses need to communicate with and export to clients from outside the country. Al Aseel is taking all kinds of products like trousers, skirts, shorts, workwear. They are specialed in all types of bottom wears and maternity wear. Al Aseel Fashions is also working on denim and jeans for men and women. They are very loyal to their customers.

  • Address: House# BSCIC Road 1, Zinzira – Keraniganj – Nawabganj – Dohar – Srinagar Rd, Ruhitpur
  • phone: 01817-119588 01768613393
  • Email:


Apparel Gallery Ltd is a buying house located outside Dhaka, they have come to this good position today with their hard-working. The company established in 2014. They are taking all kinds of woven products. BGMEA certifies them. They have 1012 females,1518 males in a total of 2530 workers in their industry. Here they are giving all kinds of facilities to the workers.

  • Address: House No 1, Floor NO 1, Road NO 2/E, Sector NO 4, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Tel: 01713017776, 8951492
  • Email:


Next, Sourcing Limited is a new rising professional Buying House company. They are always comfortable working on new things. Next Sourcing is a very fast-growing company, and they also do wholesale, distributors, and retailers. It also has lots of good merchandisers. They all time trying to represent their garments industry products. Next Sourcing is taking orders for all kinds of garments, products like shirts, pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, skirts, shorts, denim, jeans kidswear. They are all-time loyal and conscious of their clients.

  • Address: House #217,Road #2 (New)/10 (Old),Mirpur DOHS,Mirpur, Dhaka – 1216,Bangladesh
  • Phone: +880 1784000555,+8802 8080973 (Office),+8802 8080974 (Office)
  • Email:


Asia Sourcing is a buying house whose infrastructure, technology all are of high quality. They are always striving to do good. Asia Sourcing has a skilled merchandiser who is still ready to make the right decision. They always keep an eye on their client’s needs. They are working hard to maintain a strong position in the international market. For their beloved clients today, they are in this excellent position.

The environment of their company is amiable. They are taking orders for all kinds of products. In women wears like as knitted T-shirt, polo shirt, woven suits and blouse, vest, jeans, jackets and coat, denim, sweats and Jogger, swimwear, skirts shorts, jumper, cardigan, workwear. In men’s wear like jeans, denim, t-shirts, shirts, shirts, short sleeve shirts, jacket, crew neck jumpers, turtle neck jumpers, knitted jersey, allover cable, fisherman rib, etc. They are also taking kids wears. They are 100 percent honest about our work.

  • Address: Road # 4 (New), House # 322, Flat # 3rd & 4th Floor, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
  • Email:
  • Phone: +8802 8081160, +8802 58070542
  • Website: Asia Sourcing BD


ZEX Fashion established in 2013. Although their journey is not so long, they have been able to achieve success in a short time. They are mainly dealing with export. Here are skilled traders who help make crucial decisions. In fact, before Zex Fashion, it was a family business, in a minimal range. Gradually it was converted into a big buying house company. Since it was initially a small-scale business, their buyers were mainly from the country. Until now, ZEX Fashion has been providing clothing to native fashion houses. They usually take more orders of cotton made garments.

  • Address: House # 18, Road #63, Gulshan-2, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Mobile Number: +8801678076363 , 8801977886877 Phone: + 880-2-8837118, 880-2-9891538 
  • E-mail:


We all know the apparel industry is very big and it is very hard to find the best to deal with. Hope these 20 lists of buying a house will help you to find the most profitable clothing manufacturing business in Bangladesh. All the positions are listed based on their current market trends. Bangladesh is and will remain the top garments manufacturer because of their commitment, shipping charges, and manufacturing rates. So the business will be growing more each day.

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